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User Training

  • Users will be trained in the effective use of the developed system.  While there will always be a user-friendly interface, training is necessary to ensure that the system is used correctly and there is no ambiguity or uncertainty when populating.  Only by ensuring that users know what is expected from them can the system be used effectively and accurately.
  • It will be cost efficient to train some staff members as power users (knowing all areas of the system, rather than just specific areas their work is associated with).  Rather than leave the training to the end and as a separate task, this could be done during the development process, as Mullan Training liaises with you
  • A full user manual will be provided on completion of the system – this will be made available in hard copy and in electronic format (typically PDF format)


Train Power User To Create Ad-Hoc Reports

  • In order to attain a level of independence, it is recommended that some user(s) be trained to create ad-hoc queries/ reports so that it is not necessary to purchase development time from Mullan Training each time an additional one-off report is required.  This can be incorporated into the training sessions that are to be scheduled.
  • To facilitate this and to preserve the integrity of the database, a Query Front-End can be installed and linked to the data tables > this link should be read-only to ensure that data accessed this way can be reported on but not changed




Additional Training Requirements

  • Our training company can assist you with any training requirements that you may have – training can be delivered in our training suites or on your own premises, whichever suits best
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