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sample database designs developed using Access, Access VBA, Filemaker, SQL Server for desktop and web based databases
Mullan Technology
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Mullan Technology


To illustrate the high level, user-friendly applications that we can deliver, we have included a number of screen shots – including databases that store information on:

  • Employees
  • Memberships
  • Tool Allocation & History
  • Client & Supplier Invoicing

In each application, a user-friendly interface will be provided to allow users to navigate through the system, including:

  • Login to allow recording of who entered and changed data
  • Data entry screens (allow recording of Company Details, Invoice Information, Spend Allocation, etc)
  • Running of reports (Reports Menu)
  • Updating of lists (Maintenance Menu)
Click on the thumbnail for more info
Queries/ Complaints Database

This database is used by to record & manage details of customer queries/ complaints that have been made by your clients.

QC: User friendly interface displays automatically to enable users to navigate the database easily
Personnel Database - Staff Training/ Absence/ Contact Info

This Personnel database enables you to record information on your staff, including:

  • Contact Details (Address, Tel No, Next of Kin, etc)
  • Employment Information (Dept, Manager, Position, Salary, NI Number, Start Date, Leaving Date, etc)
  • Training Courses Attended (Title, Dates, Provider, Expiration Date - if Accreddited, Cost, Grade Achieved, etc)
  • Absence History (Dates, Type, Authorised, etc)
SD: Staff Details - With Summary of Absence in the current year - previous years may be displayed by clicking reqd year
Tools Directory

This Database enables you to store information on the tools within your workplace.

Client Dirctory - Dentist Database  
NW: Main Menu
Microsoft Excel VBA Custom Built Applications NI


A user interface can be displayed automatically with restrictions applied depending on user login
Invoice Details Screen