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Advanced Microsoft Access CourseTraining in Belfast Northern Ireland OR On your Own Premises *** Call NOW to Book

5 September 2018

Our Advanced Microsoft Access training course is suitable for those with a sound working knowledge of Access who wish to progress to the most complicated functions and features.



A working knowledge of Access or our Introduction to MS Access course will allow sufficient knowledge to attend our Advanced MS Access course.


At the end of this course you will:

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of the higher functions of Access
  • Be able to automate functions by creating simple and then very advanced macros
  • Have advanced your querying ability
  • Know how to protect your database

You will then be qualified to progress to our VBA Access course.


Please contact us if you would like to:

  • Discuss course content with the trainer prior to booking or attending a course
  • Have us review your existing databases and make recommendations on the most appropriate course for you
  • Schedule a closed course - the content of closed courses can be customised to suit your own requirements and we can even use your own databases as part of the learning tutorials - our trainers are experienced developers

Course Content


Create Expressions

§          For Use Within Reports, Queries, Forms, Macros

§          Definition Of (Symbols, Fields, Identifiers, Operators, Functions)

§          Use To Define Calculated Control, Establish Validation Rule, Create Calculated Field

§          Use To Set Condition For Running A Macro

§          Create Using The Expression Builder




§          Create Forms With Macros To Create A User Interface

§          Create Custom Dialogue Boxes (Set Properties - Modal, Popup, Etc)

§          Create Forms With Multiple Subforms

§          Calculated Fields

§          Use Expression Builder To Limit To Displayed Records

§          Insert Picture (Picture Properties, As Background, Etc – Also For Report)




§          Assign & Change Database Passwords

§          Security Account Password

§          Prevent Users From Replicating, Setting Database Password And Changing Startup Options

§          User-Level Security Wizard

§          Create A New Workgroup Information File

§          Join And Log Onto An Access Workgroup

§          Permissions (Overview, Types, Assign & Remove Them) 



§          Specify Grouping Levels (Grouping Header/ Footer, Group On, Group Interval, Keep Together)

§          Calculated Fields

§          Report Properties (Force New Page, Keep Together, Events, Etc)

§          Create Mailing Labels And Charts From Table/ Query Data





§          Create A Macro (Actions, Arguments)

§          Autoexec Macro

§          Macro Functions (Setvalue, Setmenu Item, Msgbox, Run, Etc)

§          Create A Macro Group

§          Add An Action To A Macro

§          Move An Action In A Macro

§          Enter An Expression In A Macro Action Argument

§          Use Conditions To:

1.       Carry Out Actions Depending On Criteria

2.       Validate Data

§          Show And Hide Macro Names And Conditions In The Macro Window




§          Use The ! And . (Dot)Operators

§          Expressions

§          Aggregate Functions

§          Parameter Queries – With The Criteria Provided From A Form (Standard Or Custom Dialogue)

§          Action Queries (Update, Delete, Append)

§          AutoLookup & Crosstab Queries

§          Calculated Fields




Discounts on Public Courses

·     held  at Mullan Training suites – opposite Europa hotel

·     full price for 1st delegate  

·     10% reduction  2nd delegate

·     20% for 3rd and subsequent delegates

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